Tuesday, November 18, 2014

 They are super easy to make and would be PERFECT for a party or buffet.  I have made them for parties and they are always the first things to go and the one thing that everyone raves over.  I made half of this particular recipe.
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 You need to prepare this recipe :
Firt you need between TWO and 12 packages of sweet hawaiian rolls 
And after that you need  1 1/2 lbs of virginia ham 
THen 12 slices swiss cheese
You need also ONE stick of real butter
You need TWO tsps Worcestershire sauce
And finally you need One tsps of  Garlic Powder , also of Onion Powder , and finally of  poppy seeds

Instructions :
First step to prepare this easy and delecious recipe is to use 2 pans 9 x 13 .  so after you get thos 2 pan you need now to put in the  bottoms of 12 rolls in each pan. and after all that job you need now to put ham ( i prefere TWO shaved slices ) on the rolls. 
Second step : Now in this step you need now to cut the cheese slices into 4 parts then put TWO small pieces on each sandwich.  after all that you need now to place the  dinner roll tops on. 
Step 3 : Now after all that you need now in this step to use a sauce pan, and combine butter, worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder then also poppy seeds.  Then you need to wait till all butter is melted then the next step is just to brush this melted mixture over the ham sandwiches.
Step 4 : Finally step , in this finally step you need to cover with foil then let set a side in fridge about ONE h  next of all that you need to preheat oven 375 Degrees F then  bake about 15 mins o. Serve.and enjoye!!!

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